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arete-asset-managementAsset Management

The Arete companies are comprised of highly experienced industry veterans who have managed high net worth portfolios and corporate relationships through many market and economic cycles. Through our considerable collective experience of managing client wealth, we have established strategic partnerships with cutting edge custodians/clearing agents, traditional asset managers and alternative investment firms so as to bring all the appropriate tools in an “open architecture” environment in an effort to potentially earn the best risk adjusted net returns appropriate to you…our unique clients. We also partner amongst our own advisory teams so as to share in the intellectual capital that each advisor has developed over their career. The singular objective of this process is to deliver the best service and investment management experience for the Arete client.

Over the past 15 years we have seen unprecedented volatility in financial markets and subsequent unprecedented government intervention. There has also been a dramatic increase in the use of technology either by the individual or institutional investor. Based on these recent events and the “digitization” of market access, we feel that investing today presents a set of short and long-term risks that cannot be ignored and must be managed. Our firm philosophy of “excellence and virtue” extends beyond simply earning positive or “absolute” returns for clients, but also invokes the sharing of our intellectual capital amongst firm partners, the limiting of our client base to provide a level of service not experienced in traditional investment channels, and rigorous risk management so as to best avoid severe short-term downturns in portfolio value while also not losing sight of possible long-term stagnation in portfolio value due to overemphasis on short-term returns and no focus on long-term strategic planning.

Our firm philosophy of “excellence and virtue” extends beyond simply earning positive or “absolute” returns for clients

Our goal as a firm is to have a management team and advisory team working collectively to engage our unique clients so as to best deliver the resources of the firm, the relationships that we have established with our investment partners, and to manage risk with the ultimate plan to help you achieve your goals over your targeted time frames on a risk adjusted basis. “Arete“, or the English translation being “Excellence and Virtue” permeates this portfolio management process and drives our firm culturally.