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The Art of Investing

We curate the right funds to build the most attractive
portfolio for you.

Unique Works

Alternative energy, emerging tech, innovative real estate - our collection of funds allow us to invest differently.

Your Collection

Our view of portfolio composition begins with a client’s individual investment goals. Then, we collect unique opportunities that align with those goals.

A Skilled Eye

Viewing an investment from every angle, we evaluate risk, opportunity, markets and numerous factors before our recommendations.

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Exceptional Advisors

Your firm is a reflection of you: the services you offer, the products you promote and an approach to financial advising that you define.

At Arete, our standing market reputation reflects quality in both the products we offer as well as the high-touch service between our team and you, our advisors. As a licensed Broker-Dealer/RIA/Insurance firm, we have all the tools and the right platform to build your business better.

You’ll feel the difference. We could go into deep detail on our advanced technology solutions, competitive fee structure, marketing programs support and comprehensive investment research options…but then we’d just sound like all the other firms out there.


When you consider Arete, you’re pursuing an investment approach powered by these principles: the Arete Approach.



We define integrity as doing what we say we’re going to do. It’s that simple. Just as you have the fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of your clients, we take the same responsibility very seriously when partnering with your firm. “Say” to us really means “do” – meaning we keep both you and your clients at the center of all we do.


You and your clients don’t get excited talking about retirement plans. Neither do we.

In addition to traditional wealth management, alternative investment strategies are a significant area of growth for Arete. This includes our work with over 30 alternative product firms representing over 50 sectors across sectors such as asset finance, energy, managed funds, operating companies and real estate. You want the unique deals that get you noticed? We have exclusive access to them, and we’re on track to achieve 30%+ growth in our alternative investing programs.

We’re bold in our pursuit of opportunities where others in our industry tend to dismiss anything not in the ‘conventional box.’ Our commitment to this boldness isn’t reckless; rather, our unique offerings have been vetted with the highest level of intellectual rigor.



Arete offers a comprehensive operational and regulatory infrastructure that allows you the freedom to focus on giving exceptional financial advice. Our customized service and support model means you have access to everything – and everyone – you need to reach new levels of growth.

We’re big enough to get you where you need to be but small enough to care. We’re with you, in sync with the day-to-day needs of your firm, all the while ensuring your long-term growth strategy is realized. It’s what we do.

Creativity in wealth management is seeing the opportunities that help bring perfect balance to fit each client’s individual achievement goals. At Arete Wealth, we confidently bring unique products to our clients because we take the time to get to know their needs, and invest more time in due diligence on our recommendations.

– Josh Rogers, Chief Executive Officer, Arete Wealth



Visionary strategies call for people who understand different. Join the Arete Wealth team, cultivate your investment artistry.

What would you create if you had resources to match your talent?

You invest for them,
we invest in you.
A masterpiece requires a master.
Join the Arete Wealth team,
Where artistry meets excellence.


Founded in 2007 as a boutique firm, we are able to provide each client with the personal relationship that true wealth management requires. Our goal is to make you so happy with us that you will help us find our next great client.