Defining Qualities. Personal Service. Clients First.

Founded in 2007 as a boutique firm, Arete provides each client with the personal relationship true wealth management requires. Our goal is to make you so happy with us, that you will help us find our next great client.

Wealth Planning

Almost all of Arete’s advisors practice Wealth Planning in some form. All of our Wealth Planning processes are fundamentally based on the CFP Board’s standard process:
– Identify and Prioritize Objectives
– Gather Your Data
– Analyze
– Propose Recommendations
– Take Action

Investment Banking

One of the most important elements of the Arete vision is to fill a need in retail financial services for clients and institutions with between $500,000 and $10M of investable assets.

Asset Management

The Arete companies are comprised of highly experienced industry veterans who have managed high net worth portfolios and corporate relationships through many market and investment cycles. Through our considerable collective experience of managing client wealth, we have established strategic partnerships with cutting edge custodians/clearing agents, traditional asset managers and alternative investment firms. We bring together the appropriate tools in an “open architecture” environment to potentially earn the best risk-adjusted net returns appropriate to you, our unique clients.


Arete Consulting offers a wide array of services to assist with internal and external growth strategies. From initial strategic business plans to ongoing investor relations, Arete Consulting can position clients for greater impact and financial success.

Lifestyle Services

Arete’s Art & Wine Advisory service integrates wealth management success with an exploration of personal passions and tastes. We are the premier partner to guide you in acquiring, curating, managing and protecting your investments in fine art and wine. Whether you’re an experienced afficianado or an interested novice, our expert advisors will find the right lifestyle investments at the right value for you.