Chicago (headquarters)

Address: 1101 W. Lake Street, 1st Floor, Chicago, IL 60607   Tel: 312.940.3684   Fax: 312.264.0087

About Us

Joshua D. Rogers
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

David C. Hock
Chief Operating Officer & Financial Operations Principal

Bob Chung
Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel

Andrew Abrams
Investment Banker

Jack Burk
Partner, Wealth Advisor

Maggie Carter
Assistant Director of Operations Wealth Advisor

John Ferrick
Wealth Advisor

Julie Hanes
Director of Operations

Mike Kelley
Wealth Advisor

Jennifer Nelson
Commissions and Licensing

Tim Snodgrass
Senior Vice President, Business Development

Eli Spiro
Investment Banker

Wolfgang Suess
Wealth Advisor