Investment Banking

Investment Banking

Retail Level

In founding Arete Wealth Management, we have a clear vision of the firm we want to create. One of the most important elements of that vision is to fill a need in retail financial services for clients and institutions with between $500,000 and $10M of investable assets.

At Arete, we specialize in bringing these investors opportunities that allow our clients to profit from the potentially explosive growth that emerging companies can experience. We believe that every portfolio needs to have some percentage allocation to “racehorse” opportunities that can bring the kind of lucrative returns that drives out-performance.

Additionally, because of our creativity, entrepreneurialism, and networking capabilities, Arete brings unique and alternative investment opportunities to our clients they cannot get anywhere else.

That said, while Investment Banking opportunities are exciting and have a high degree of appeal, we are under no illusions about the risk that accompanies such investments. At Arete we are selective about which deals we decide to bring to our clients.

To evaluate investment banking opportunities we use an extensive due diligence model, adapted from some of the top private equity firms in the industry. We heavily rely on outside experts in various industry sectors to provide due diligence research and consulting to us before we decide to back any deal.

If you own a company and are seeking venture capital, mezzanine financing, bridge loans, or any other form of capital raise, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Institutional Level

CreativeHealthCapitalCreative Health Capital, LLC focuses on growing health care providers in the long-term care, home health, alternative site and specialty hospital (including long-term acute care) segments. We provide strategic and financial consulting, M&A advisory, evaluation and execution of real estate ownership alternatives, arrangement of various forms of capital through private placement, and we also work with certified HUD lenders to access mortgage capital at attractive rates. Experience in public and private capital markets ensures growing companies are positioned to access the most attractive sources of capital as they become available.


axxcess-capitalAxxcess Capital, LLC functions as an alternative investment provider specialized in the distribution of various pooled investment vehicles as well as a commercial real estate client services and asset management firm. The inter-relationship between the distribution, real estate services, and acquisition capabilities of our team provides a platform that adds significant value to sophisticated investors, investment professionals, and both owners and end users of commercial real estate assets.