Heidi Flanagan

Position: Senior Vice President, Operations

Heidi was hired as one Arete’s first employees. After filling many critical roles in both Finance and Operations, Heidi now leads the Operations Team at Arete Wealth as Senior Vice President, Operations.

Bringing over 30 years of experience, Heidi oversees trading, billing, and human resources. One of her first tasks was implementing a massive technology uplift, implementing custom-built systems to better fit the needs of Arete Wealth financial advisors. Heidi leads a highly efficient, solution-focused team and continues to work closely with the other executives to ensure financial advisors and their clients receive top-tier services.

Prior to Arete, Heidi proved her impressive management skills in various industries including hospitality, food service, and veterinary medicine. In those previous positions, she strategized and implemented business and operational improvement plans for both large and small companies.