J.R. Thacker

Position: Bristol, VA

J.R. Thacker has worked in the financial services industry since 1996. He started his career as an agent and registered representative for a major company. Within a few years, he founded his own firm, specializing in retirement planning for individuals with offices in three cities. His unique approach to retirement investing proved popular and his firm was voted “Best Financial Planner” 7 years in a row by readers of the area newspaper.

In 2008, he took over as president of Center Street Securities, a securities broker dealer based in Nashville, TN and helped grow the firm to span over 30 states. In 2021, J.R. and his firm joined the ranks of Arete Wealth, he assumed an executive position of Senior Vice President, Business Development for Arete Wealth.

J.R. has received numerous awards for his work in the financial field and his articles frequently appear in financial industry publications.  He is also the author of “Index Interest – The Missing Asset Class” and is a regular speaker at national training events for financial advisors.