Nate Moster – Chief Marketing Officer

CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS: 1115 W. Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607

Tel: 312.940.3684
Fax: 312.264.0087

Nate Moster is Chief Marketing Officer of Arete Wealth Management, the financial investment entity within the Arete family of companies.

Arete focuses on wealth management for high-net worth individuals and institutions, alternative investment access, venture capital and private equity programs. As CMO, Nate is responsible for building the company’s brand through marketing, communications and media for 35 offices and over 140 advisors nationwide.

Prior to Arete, Nate has spent the past 20 years in marketing and its related disciplines. He’s worked across large corporations, not-for-profits and small businesses both in full-time and consultant roles. Sectors of his experience include consumer packaged goods, healthcare IT and financial services with companies including Procter & Gamble,, McKesson, Allscripts and Fidelity Investments.

Nate flexes his creative muscles to identify where challenges and opportunities lie. An energetic facilitator and experienced Nielsen-certified moderator, Nate has lead thousands of participants through workshops, focus groups and other organized dialogues. He’s authored countless marketing strategies, produced hundreds of videos, written many speeches for corporate CEOs and orchestrated over 100 large-scale events.

Nate graduated from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH with a degree in communications and advertising and pursuit of a secondary focus in business.