Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning

Almost all of Arete’s advisors practice Wealth Planning in some form. All of our Wealth Planning processes are fundamentally based on the CFP Board’s standard process: Identify and Prioritize Your Objectives—Gather Your Data—Analyze—Propose Recommendations to You—Take Action. Wealth Planning is a broad term that gets used a lot of different ways. Because we typically work with clients that are accredited investors, the type or style of Wealth Planning that we do at Arete typically is more advanced and customized to you. Some examples of the types of planning that we can do for you are:

Pre-Retirement Accumulation Planning

Helping you to establish and maintain a clear roadmap that identifies what your “Number” is that you need in order to make “work” an option, not an obligation. This type of planning focuses on all the various tools to help you build more wealth and manage your cash flow in such a way that you know what you need to save and how you need to invest in order to be financially free – however you define that for yourself.

Post-Retirement Income Planning

Most financial plans traditionally focus on the pre-retirement stage of life. Rarely do most plans really address how to create income and from where, in what order, etc. With the aging of our population, Arete advisors have placed a special emphasis on training and education in the area of helping you establish a true income plan in retirement.

Income Tax Planning

Good Wealth Planning helps you maximize your spendable dollars. It doesn’t matter if you have $10 but can only spend $6 after taxes. Or, would you rather have $8 and pay no taxes? That’s the essence of good income tax planning. In an ever-changing tax policy environment Arete advisors help you build more tax-free and tax-efficient wealth.

Estate Tax Planning

We tell clients that you have to plan for what the law is now. No one has a crystal ball and knows what tax policy will be in the future. Many of our clients have gross estates that will be taxable and therefore the expertise that Arete advisors bring to the table in this area is invaluable. Our advisors actively work with the most sophisticated estate planning strategies available, and we have and continue to implement various strategies that have saved our clients million of dollars of potential estate taxes.

Business Owner Issues

Business Owners and Key Executives have a wide range of planning and advice needs. Ranging from succession planning, risk management, tax planning, and choosing the right retirement plan/combination of retirement plans—Arete advisors do a ton of work in this area and have extensive experience. In addition, business owners are also looking for capital—which our Investment Banking division handles, and you may also be looking for consulting in areas like Investor Relations and Communications, Restructuring and Recapitalization, Crisis Management and PR, or a wide range of other areas that Arete Consulting LLC can help you with.