Center Street retains infrastructure; Arete Wealth, Inc. parent company for both Arete Wealth and Center Street divisions

In January 2021, Arete Wealth announced the acquisition of Center Street Securities. 

Throughout this integration, Arete Wealth’s Executive Leadership Team has continued to explore how to minimize disruptions to Center Street advisors’ businesses. Following months of assessments and planning, Arete’s answer to support reps conducting ‘business as usual’ is to retain Center Street Securities as a separate entity of Arete Wealth, Inc. This is a change in strategy, as Center Street was earlier envisioned to dissolve and fully come under the Arete Wealth brand.

Even though its ownership has officially changed to Arete Wealth, Inc., Center Street will remain a separate brand within the Arete Wealth organization, continuing to provide its current infrastructure to advisors and clients.


Two strong firms - now stronger together.

Since our formal announcements in January and March 2021, Center Street entities are becoming wholly owned subsidiaries of Arete Wealth. 

This is an incredible milestone for both of our businesses. This is a testament to the outstanding teams we have assembled, the rapidly-growing businesses we created, and the positions we are both in: not only to acquire a business, but to be the company another wants to acquire.

Over the course of our conversations in the past year, we have gotten to know each other very well, and every interaction has reinforced we share a common vision for the growth of our firms. It became clear we were the right partners, and that now was the right time. We are incredibly excited about the potential this partnership unlocks for us in the years to come. That’s because we believe we can move faster together than apart. With Arete Wealth’s resources and Center Street’s experience, we’ll be able to serve – and attract – more HNW investors than with any other partner. 

So, what happens next? Our collective jobs will be the same as they were yesterday, and our vision remains unchanged: helping elite investors acquire, grow, and manage their wealth. In case you are wondering, neither of us are going anywhere. We love what we do, and we love working with all of you. 

Thank you for being an important part of this milestone. We are confident we have many more accomplishments ahead of us to celebrate, together.


Joshua Rogers – CEO & Founder, Arete Wealth
J.R. Thacker – SVP, Business Development – Arete Wealth

"Arete Wealth specializes in bespoke alternative investments, and adding Center Street’s strength in this area to our industry-leading position makes us the premier choice for alternative investment prowess."
Photo of Joshua Rogers, CEO
Joshua D. Rogers
CEO, Arete Wealth

*updated JULY 2021